Sunday 29 March 2015


Not quite journalling but using a sketchbook!! I have filled an A6 sketchbook with work on some monoprints

Monday 22 September 2014

Journalling for Healing

Whilst I am off work on sick leave - I have just started a free journalling course Art, Heart & Healing run by Tamara Laporte, before I embark on her course Life Book 2015 (obviously in 2015) - I wanted to get a feel for the way Tamara works - see her website here - it is lovely.

So far I have worked in two books (at once) - an A5 sketchbook - the one which I started some time ago and showed you work in the last posts (its also the one which has my blog border designs in) and an A4 old work diary - where I glued and painted the pages to cover up the old notes. Both books were started some years ago one in 2007 and the other in 2009 - but I have not done much in either.

Here are the first two pieces - my first faces....  we started by writing stuff and then covering it up - this is a very useful exercise - letting go. The first is the big journal and then the small

Sunday 14 September 2014

14 Sept 2014

Sadly I did not start the project back in July as I had wanted because I have not been well, however I have done one layout - on 4 September - it is quite large as the book is A4 size.

When I started the Soul Journal Course with Sarah Whitmire, way back in 2008 I made some lovely pages which I have played with in Paint Shop Pro - one of my favourites is this one: This is in an A5 sketchbook (what Anna using two books at once?? - Never!!)  The original is on the left and is, or rather was, my profile bak in 2008! I had such fun once I scanned the page and hope to use these pieces again for future work.

Sunday 29 June 2014


So maybe its time to blog about my journalling over the years and for the future.  I hope to start a new journal exercise starting 1 July with a group of internet friends (This did not happen as I have been unwell !).  For the moment I will let you know I have tried journalling in various forms over the years - some OK, some a bit less than average!!  The header is one fun page from a 'Soul Journal' I tried some years ago - did not get too far with that but enjoyed some of the pages I had done - I will show you a few here over time.  The side backgrounds are also another page from the same Soul Journal - it is me - or at least an outline of my head from a photo.